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Health By Design

Health is so much more than the absence of illness. For most people, health is a default mode based upon what they do or do not do for themselves. At Healing Dimensions, we give our clients the tools and support to create "Health by Design," which is very empowering. Good health builds confidence, happiness and control over one’s life.

Innate Body Intelligence

At Healing Dimensions, we believe that the body has its own intelligence and, given the proper environment, it is a self-correcting organism. The basis for growth in all organisms in nature is what they are fed. People are part of nature and we must first understand this critical fact to regain or maintain health.

Eating The Way Nature Intended

Nature provides us with whole food that supports growth, health, defense and repair. These foods are the basis for a healthy immune system and proper functioning of every system including those that govern and affect our emotions, thought processes, and stress responses. What we put in our bodies affects our sense of well-being, which can often translate to a connection with a higher source or spirituality.dad and son

Everyone Is Unique

We also believe that everyone is unique. Since no two things in nature are exactly the same, it is not a stretch to reason that no two people are exactly the same. Therefore, everyone has different ways of responding to and perceiving their environment, and they also have cultural and genetic differences. What depletes and stresses one person may motivate and invigorate another. That is why learning as much as possible about our clients, to best support them, is of utmost importance. Using the Lifestyle Analysis, nutritional education, kinesiology and lifestyle recommendations, gives the client a program that is unique to their situation and their physical needs.

The Body Is Able To Repair Itself


We do not cure disease. We provide education and tools that, if used correctly, will support the systems of the body, strengthening areas to compensate for weaker areas, allowing the body to repair itself as it was designed to do and function as an integrated whole.

Know Your Own Body

We do have the ability to know our bodies better than anybody. This is not a quick process and does not mean that medicine and physicians are not needed. It means that we can as individuals do so much more about attaining and maintaining health than we have been taught. We tend to know less about our bodies than our cars.

Our Health Is Our Responsibility

Lastly, at Healing Dimensions, we feel that health is the responsibility of the individual. We are not against allopathic medicine or the care of a physician. In a time when more than ever, people are able to take control of their lives, a key element of that is taking control of their health. It is just as important as taking control of finances. We do that by being proactive, teaching ourselves about good food and good habits, and learning to listen to what the body’s responses are indicating.

Create Health Or Manage Illness




"Laura Jones is key to my personal plan for a long life of extraordinary health and vitality. I consult with Laura regularly to stay finely tuned with my diet, my nutritional supplements, and my responses to the rhythms of my life as a whole. Her work is far-reaching."

~Larry Witzleben, L.M.T., C.P.T.