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Laura Jones

Laura A. Jones, LMT, CNHP, QHHT is a Wellness Educator and Holistic Healing Facilitator. She has over 30 years experience in holistic healing modalities that include 27 years as a Massage Therapist and 18 years as an Herbal and Lifestyle Consultant, and an Energy Healer.

Laura also has a background in various forms of Yoga, Breath-work and other Body, Mind, Spirit modalities. Laura is the former owner of Sage Center Wellness Alternatives in Orlando Florida where she held her holistic practice and directed the center’s alternative healing and educational activities.

The focus of Laura’s work is helping people develop healthy lifestyles through balancing all levels of their lives. She promotes and facilitates care of the body through proper nutrition, herbs, and self-awareness. She assists her clients with stress reduction through Massage Therapy and helping them make lifestyle changes. Through Hypnosis and other modalities she is able to assist with releasing deep emotional and spiritual issues.

Most Recently, Laura has added the work of world renowned Hypnotist, Author and Lecturer Dolores Cannon.  This work is called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy also referred to as QHHT. This work accesses the deeper spiritual understanding that needs to occur for complete healing.

Laura felt for a long time that the healing practitioner only facilitates the healing experience of the client. Ultimately, the clients heal themselves. Within this type of hypnosis, the client is taken back to the "most appropriate time and place" whether it is past life issues, self-limiting belief pattern or karmic issues. Through this experience they are able to access higher levels  and dimensions of themselves to get to the root causes of problems and attain deeper levels of healing and understanding.






"Laura Jones is key to my personal plan for a long life of extraordinary health and vitality. I consult with Laura regularly to stay finely tuned with my diet, my nutritional supplements, and my responses to the rhythms of my life as a whole. Her work is far-reaching."

~Larry Witzleben, L.M.T., C.P.T.