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Why use herbs?

The use of herbs is the oldest medicine. Contrary to popular belief, the effects of herbs have been studied for thousands of years by almost all cultures, most notably the Chinese, Eastern Indians, Native Americans and South Americans. Herbs have fewer side effects than modern medicines and do less damage long-term.

Herbs act on all areas of the body and the body is biologically programmed to recognize the herb as either beneficial or non-beneficial and act accordingly. Every herb has a “signature” or biological marker that makes it recognizable to the body.

How do herbs work?

Primarily, herbs work to create balance within the body by supplying easily absorbable vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, etc. They may also work to defend the body against bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Can herbs be dangerous?

Not in general. Very few herbs will cause a negative reaction within the body. Most herbs are nutritive and serve to support the body thus allowing for clearing, detoxification and healing with a minimum of discomfort. Of course, there are always some that can be harmful in some situations, but those are well documented and a professional will know when and how to use them.

How will herbs react with medications?

Most herbs will mix well with medications but there are some that can be counter indicated. It is good to check with a pharmacist if you have any doubts or concerns. There again, your herb specialist will usually know what these herbs are. If you are using several medications, it is often best to introduce herbs slowly and be very observant to changes within the body

Why do I need to take my herbs several times a day?

Herbs are mostly foods. The body uses what it needs at the time and the rest is eliminated through the kidneys and the bowel. Although a quantity may be good for the moment, the body will need more throughout the day until levels reserves are built up or symptoms are no longer present.

Why do I need to take such large quantities?

Remember, for the most part, herbs are nutritive or food for the body. If you were not eating enough of a specific food, you might be asked to consume large quantities until you built up your levels of nutrients at which time you could level off. Herbs work the same way.

How long will I need to be taking herbs?

There is no definitive answer for that question. That depends upon the condition of the client, how well they eat, and how well they comply with their herbal program.

How often do I need to follow up?

Usually monthly but it can be more or less depending upon the circumstances and the overall health and condition of the client.


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