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What Can I Expect from My Consultation?

ConsultationYour first consultation will last for approximately two hours and will consist of a Lifestyle Analysis to review current and/or past complaints, eating habits and patterns, and sources of stress. Immediate and long term objectives will be discussed. You will receive information about the benefits of proper food combining, good nutrition and recommendations for lifestyle changes. An assessment will be made using kinesiology. With this information, a recommended program of herbs and supplements adapted to your specific needs will be given. Follow up appointments are usually on a monthly basis to monitor progress, answer questions, adjust your program, and to educate you further about natural health. These sessions continue until goals are attained and balance is achieved.

Lifestyle Analysis

A Lifestyle Analysis begins with a questionnaire that evaluates eating habits, stresses, and chronic concerns. This helps to determine what areas of the body are being affected by an individual’s lifestyle and how their health, energy, stamina and general sense of well-being is impacted. The Lifestyle Analysis is used in conjunction with nutritional education, and kinesiology to establish an individualized program that, when implemented, will enable a person to regain or maintain optimum health.


A muscle testing technique measuring the ability of muscles to resist gentle pressure when applied by the practitioner. This ability to resist or not to resist pressure indicates whether an area being tested is strong or weak. It also indicates whether the body responds positively or negatively to a substance being introduced as a potential remedy. See the Kinesiology page for more information.

Personalized Herbal Programs

Every individual is unique and has different needs nutritionally and will respond to substances based upon their own make-up. The programs are tailored to the individual as opposed to a “one size fits all” approach. For example, while women need calcium, they don’t all need the same kind of calcium or the same amount. While guidelines are needed as a reference point, they do not always apply to every woman.

FruitNutritional Education

Many people do not eat well even when they think they do. This is because there is a lot of misinformation circulating and it is partly due to the media, special interest groups and outdated information. Much of the consultation consists of re-educating the client about how food is used within the body and how to best utilize food for healing and energy.

Common Sense Approaches To Health

As a society, most of us are so busy and so bombarded with information about what is healthy and what is not that we forget to think before we incorporate a substance into our regimen or develop lifestyle habits. Once we have a greater understanding of how the body works or responds, we begin to see that some things do or do not make sense. For example, eating breakfast is important for maintaining a good metabolism and maintaining a balanced weight. Eating after an eight hour fast to get energy just makes sense. We feel better, our minds function better, and we have more energy.

Homeopathic Remedies

These remedies are based on the concept that “like cures like.” That is to say that when the homeopathic remedy is introduced to the body, it is in an effort to introduce the energy of a substance be it plant, animal or mineral that will create symptoms that match the symptoms being presented by the client. The immune system will respond by fighting those symptoms the remedy creates and by doing so will also eliminate the symptoms of the client’s original complaint. Homeopathy is a very old form of healing that was at one time part of every doctor’s remedy base. It has recently had resurgence as people have become more open to energy medicine and alternative therapies.

Essential OilsOil Bottles

Essential oils are considered the blood of a plant, flower, tree or herb. These oils are obtained through a process of extracting the oil through various processes involving very high pressure. Essential oils are very potent and are immediately registered in the brain no matter where they are applied. They are usually inhaled or applied to the skin although some oils such as peppermint can be taken internally. These oils have very strong healing properties and can be used for a variety of purposes, from stress reduction to fighting viruses and bacteria.

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Fees and Scheduling

Fees are $60 per hour. Initial sessions are $120 and are approximately two hours long, depending upon the clients prior knowledge of natural health. An approximation of time needed for the first session will be made during the initial phone call. Follow-up appointments are usually monthly but can be more or less frequent depending upon the needs of the client and the particular health concern being addressed. The duration of these sessions is usually half an hour to an hour long ($30-60).

Missed Appointments

There may be a cancellation fee if appointments are missed without prior notice of 24 hours in the amount equal to the fee for the allotted time of the appointment.


"Laura Jones is key to my personal plan for a long life of extraordinary health and vitality. I consult with Laura regularly to stay finely tuned with my diet, my nutritional supplements, and my responses to the rhythms of my life as a whole. Her work is far-reaching."

~Larry Witzleben, L.M.T., C.P.T.