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What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology, also referred to as Applied Kinesiology or Muscle Testing, is a system of evaluating normal and abnormal body functions, testing organ systems and pathways of the body by touch. Muscle testSpecifically, weakening or strengthening of muscles is observed when pressure is applied to muscles while the patient uses slight resistance or counter pressure. A negative response will register as a weakening of the muscle and a very strong positive response will register as increased energy to the muscles.

It is now known that everything we experience in life has been permanently recorded in the subconscious mind by electromagnetic coding. This means our nervous systems have responded and are constantly responding to every stimulus that we ever experience. The various forms of stimuli have an effect, either positive or negative, on our body/minds and our emotions. The responses become stored memories within the unconscious or subconscious mind and may be retrieved in various ways. Kinesiology is one such way of retrieving this information.

The Application of Kinesiology

Kinesiology Muscle Test 2Kinesiology provides information that is often not otherwise available even with expensive laboratory tests, because it can reveal sub-clinical weaknesses that cannot otherwise be detected. Kinesiology not only lets the practitioner find sub-clinical problems, but it allows her to find the cause of that problem and correct it before it becomes a full-blown health issue.

With the use of Kinesiology or Muscle Testing, health care professionals can access the subconscious mind and observe how it reacts to a stimulus or situation. Weaknesses and imbalances within the body can be accessed in this way as well. After determining these imbalances, a Kinesiologist is able to determine a natural wellness program specialized for the individual’s specific needs, based in part upon the observed muscle responses. This program generally consists of nutritional recommendations, herbs, supplements, lifestyle changes, etc.

The Origins of Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology was developed in the 1960s by Dr. George Goodheart. Initially used in diagnosis and evaluation by chiropractors, the science has expanded to be used by Acupuncturists, Mental Health Practitioners, Medical Doctors, Nutritionists, Veterinarians, and Allergists.



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